Chapter 10 - Time Flies

It’s one year later.

The four friends tell us how their lives have changed over the year.
Mimi goes to college and to art classes.
Mario loves his new job at the animal rescue centre.
Mimi and Mario are in love.

Leo is much happier working behind the delicatessen counter. Mimi thinks
Lulu sows seeds and plants flowers in a greenhouse.
She goes to a gardening course 2 days a week.
Lulu has trained Puppy to be a good dog.

Mimi says
A year is a long time.
I’m nineteen now.
Mario is my boyfriend now and my friend.
He is the one for me. I love him.
We phone each other every day.
We visit his grandparents together.
I like them a lot. They like me too.

I go to art classes twice a week.
I go to college every morning.
I’ve got my own helper called Denise. next
She reads aloud to me. She helps me with my spelling.
My reading and writing is getting better.