Chapter 4 - At Home on Saturday Night

In this chapter the friends are at home.
Mario writes in his diary about his thoughts and feelings.
Leo makes lists on his computer. Mario's diary
Mimi writes a poem.
Lulu and her parents talk about Puppy

Mario's Diary
I’m writing in pink today. Pink is a warm colour
I feel warm thinking about the girl I love.
She doesn’t know I love her. I haven’t told her.
My name begins with the letter M.
Her name begins with the letter M too.

Mimi in a heart M + i + m + i
= Mimi = Love

Some of my thoughts are red
Here are my red thoughts
I love rats
Rats help police find people Trapped under buildings after earthquakes
rat Rats’ teeth can gnaw through walls and roofs
Gnawing is faster than chewing
People can gnaw but not as well as rats (or mice)
People chew food not things (mostly)
Sometimes people choke
When food goes down the wrong way
next If people had teeth like rats
They wouldn’t choke so much.