Chapter 6 - Family Life

In this chapter Lulu, Fabio and Alice watch television with their parents.
Lulu’s mum treats her like a child.
Alice gets bored watching television.
Fabio lets her use his computer.
Alice writes about the 2 cats called Funny and Money.

After dinner mum and Lulu clear the table.
Alice picks her toys up off the floor.
Fabio puts his books back on the bookshelf.
Lulu puts her clothes away in the cupboard.
The family relaxes in front of television.
Lulu rests her head on mum’s shoulder.

Mum says
Everything’s going to be all right.

Lulu says
You don’t know that mum. Maybe it won’t be.

Fabio turns up the volume on the television.
Lulu feels her phone vibrating in her pocket.
She looks at her phone
There’s a text message from Leo.