Chapter 7 - Puppy and Peggy

Lulu and her mum take Puppy to visit Oscar and Max.
Oscar and Max have a dog - called Peggy.
Peggy and Puppy become friends at once.
Oscar and Lulu go to the pet shop to buy a bed, bowls and puppy food for Puppy.
Lulu meets Mario at the pet shop.

Lulu and her family live upstairs on the 1st floor.
Oscar and Max live downstairs on the ground floor.

Oscar and Max's dog Peggy Lulu's mum says
We’re going to visit Oscar and Max to day.

Lulu says
Yes, I know.

Oscar and Max are sitting in their garden.

Oscar says
Hi, I’m Oscar. I live with Max and Peggy.
Peggy is our dog.
I am an ambulance driver.
I work in the same hospital as Lulu’s mum.