Chapter 8 - Glad and Sad

Lulu understands that Puppy needs Peggy.
Lulu leaves Puppy at Oscar and Max’ flat.
Mimi comforts Lulu.

Oscar and Lulu walk back to Max and Oscars’ flat.
Lulu sees Puppy and Peggy playing in the garden.
Puppy follows Peggy everywhere.
She wags her tail when she sees Lulu but she doesn’t leave Peggy’s side.

Puppy wags her tail
Lulu says sadly
Peggy is like a mother to Puppy.
Susie’s mum took Puppy from
her own mum and gave her to me.
That was wrong.
Puppy was too little to leave
her mum and brothers and sisters.

Oscar says
That’s true Lulu.
But Puppy will feel safe with Peggy now.
And you will always be Puppy’s best friend.