Chapter 9 - Leo Is Scared

The friends see the film Titanic – in 3D.
While they’re watching the film Leo sees Mimi and Mario holding hands.
Leo leaves the cinema. Lulu follows him.
Leo thinks that Mario doesn’t like him anymore.
Lulu, Mario and Mimi help Leo understand that Mario is still his best friend.
Leo feels better and the friends eat in a restaurant together.

It’s Friday Afternoon
Mimi and Mario ask each other - What shall we do tomorrow?

Mario says
Let’s see a film. 3D

Mimi says
I’d like to see Titanic.
I love the music but I’ve never seen the film.
They’re showing it in 3D tomorrow afternoon.
You wear special glasses.
It feels like you’re on the boat inside the film.

Mario says
I saw Titanic with grandpa when I was a child.
I was scared.
next I closed my eyes to stop seeing. I cried.
We left halfway through the film.
I understand more now. I want to see Titanic again.